Buying second hand drinks fridge? Here’s what to look for

Do you have an upcoming event and suddenly your fridge malfunctioned? It happens sometimes especially when you least expect it. A household device as important as your fridge needs immediate replacement when it breaks down. Good thing is that you can find commercial freezers for sale to keep your beverages cool and ready any time you need them.

commercial freezers for sale

While buying a brand new fridge is ideal, it may also hurt your budget especially if it is an unforeseen expense. You can opt for a quality commercial freezers for sale while saving up for a new one.

What to look for when buying a second hand drinks fridge

As one of the vital devices in your home or establishment, buying a new or used fridge needs careful planning. You don’t want a fridge that is too big, as it may use up unnecessary energy and space. You also want to avoid a second hand drinks fridge that is too small, as it may not fit all the drinks you prepared for your event.

Here are things you should consider when buying a second hand fridge:

  1. Check if it has the ENERGY STAR rating

When buying secondhand devices, make sure to choose a product that helps you save on utility bills. That is why it is not wise to buy models that are too old as the improvements in insulation and compressors may not have been present at the time.

  1. It should be appropriately sized

The bigger the device, the greater is it’s energy consumption. If you are replacing an old fridge, make sure the next one is not bigger than what you need it for. If you cannot find a drinks fridge, you can also opt for short term fridge hire, so you can have something to use during your event.

  1. Check the price range

Of course, brand new fridges and freezers cost more than used ones. But, you should not pick something that is beyond your budget. You can pick used fridges that are available in wide price ranges. It all depends on their age, make and model. It depends on your purpose and how much you can afford.

  1. Ask important questions

Before buying a used fridge or freezer, ask why they are selling it. You should also ask if there is anything wrong with the product. Check the actual unit and do some tests. Check if the power works, the condition of its shelves, storage bins and freezer. Check if all parts are intact.

  1. Think about hiring a fridge or a freezer

If you have an upcoming event and you really need a fridge or freezer, you can opt to hire freezer or fridge service in your area. This gives you the option to use a high-quality fridge and freezer without spending a lot. You can simply save up for a new device once the party is over and you have enough time and resources to sort out.

Before you buy a used fridge, be sure to check the quality. It is done through actual testing of the unit. You can use the above pointers to help you determine whether the unit is worth buying or not.

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