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Velux roof windows vs. skylights: What’s the Difference

Are you looking for Velux roof windows or skylights?

Many confuse one from the other, but you could need both or one or the other.

Just to be clear, they are two different things. And, knowing the difference will help you choose which one to have installed.

All about Velux skylights Melbourne clients recommend

These are fixed window sets that are installed into the roof line. Depending on the type, they may come with a ‘venting option’, but it doesn’t open like you would a window.

Velux roof windows and skylights have become highly in demand because they add more value to your home, since energy efficiency and natural light are becoming a major lure for home buyers.

So, if you see yourself selling your home to the next interested buyer, have no-leak skylights installed. Choose one that is Energy Star-qualified.

And, if you wish to make improvements to indoor air quality and air flow, install a skylight powered by the sun. It opens and closes to bring in clean outdoor air and to enhance ventilation.

Skylights are power saving because:

  • They cut down costs of heating, cooling, and lighting.
  • They lower energy consumption.
  • They add to the comfort level of your home.

In addition to Energy Star qualification, you also need to check the performance rating of a skylight, and whether it fulfils the minimum performance specifications set out by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Skylights come in different styles and features.

Manual skylights provide free daylight and natural ventilation on demand. Opening and closing them are done manually.

Electrical/solar skylights are automated versions and are powered by either the sun or a battery. They can be built with rain sensors and come with a remote control.

Flat roof skylights are intended for a flat roof home. They are available in a number of sizes and either operated manually or automatically. Velux flat roof skylight is the ideal choice for such installation.

All about Velux roof windows

Roof windows work like a window, but are installed on the roof. They can be made with a pivoting “awning” style mechanism and may come with window screening. Some manufacturers call them a venting skylight, which probably caused the confusion.

A roof window can come in different styles too.

A centre-pivot model can be opened to let daylight and fresh air in. It can rotate up to 180º for easy cleaning.

A dual-action unit, on the other hand, opens in two ways. Using the bottom handle, you can pull the window for top-hung opening. If you pull on the top control bar, the filtered vent flap is activated. This is designed for passive ventilation.

Whichever you choose, make sure that the glass is highly shatter-resistant and comes with reflective coatings or glazing.

Shatter-resistance is vital, since both products can be subject to falling tree branches and hail. Glazing, on the other hand, ensures solar heat gain is reduced and light transmittance is maximised. The best coating is one that blocks harmful UV rays by 95%. A 10-year warranty is a major bonus.

For skylights and roof windows, trust only Velux from https://www.skylights-online.com.au/product/openable-roof-window/.

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Quick design tweaks to make your home safe and kid-friendly

Did you just have your first baby? Or did you just settle down in your newly bought home only to discover it isn’t suitable for your kids? Whichever is the case, you have to brace yourself for some home improvement tasks. For this project, you might need to buy some materials (e.g., furniture pieces, storage options, curtains). It’s also wise to avail of home improvement services, such as interior design, landscaping, and garage doors melbourne experts offer.

1. Install a door for your garage.

The garage is usually where you’ll store all your tools and equipment, which may pose danger to kids. Especially if you have toddlers or preschoolers who can now run or walk around the house, be sure to keep them away from the garage. Or better yet, avail of sectional garage doors Melbourne installers offer to secure this area.

2. Avoid furniture pieces with pointed edges.

Aside from buying garage doors Melbourne suppliers offer, choose furniture pieces with curved edges. Be sure that the edges of tables, chairs, and bed frames are fitted with a cushion or soft material. Doing this ensures your children would still feel fine even if they bumped their head against the furniture.

3. Have apt storage for toys.

Toys cluttered inside the house could be real threats to children as these could cause trip and fall injuries. Hence, it’s best to have baskets at your kids’ play areas. It’s also wise to buy double duty storage options. You can have side tables with racks or drawers or a dresser that also functions as a changing table. Most importantly, train your kids to gather and keep their toys inside the drawers after playing.

garage doors melbourne

4. Set up the right security features.

One of the best ways to uphold your loved ones’ safety is to equip your premise with security features. Set up smoke detectors at strategic areas. And have an alarm system so that you’ll know the movements around the house. It’s also wise to have surveillance cameras to monitor the whereabouts of your kids around the house. You can also integrate an access control system with the garage doors Melbourne installers have set up for you. Doing this keeps your kids away from the garage.

5. Create a living room and outdoor play area.

Kids love to play, and they can be really rowdy at times. Leverage their high energy by creating a place inside the house and outdoors where they can play. Making sure they’re playing in one specific area of the house helps you focus. You won’t have to worry about their whereabouts. Just look for garage door manufacturers who can also install the material to keep your kids away from your husband’s man-cave. Remember, your hubby might have equipment inside the garage that your kids could experiment on while they’re playing outside.

Making the necessary design adjustments to your home ensures your children’s safety. This can also give you peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are safe. Yes, there are still a lot of other ideas to create a kid-friendly home. But with the insights above, you can get started the right way immediately. If you’re in Australia and are now looking for affordable commercial roller doors Melbourne experts offer, feel free to visit or call ECO Garage Doors. The company provides eco-friendly garage doors of different types and specifications.