Can Clinical Pilates Make it Easier to Give Birth?

There is a misconception that clinical Pilates is only for athletes, dancers, and fitness fanatics. But Pilates can be for everyone. It can be done anywhere with just a mat. It is an exercise that generally enhances flexibility, muscle strength, and stamina.

History of Pilates

Pilates originated in Great Britain. In the 1920s, Joseph Pilates, who was sickly as a child, devised a new approach to body conditioning. This motivated him to maintain a healthy and fit body. He studied anatomy and practised a variety of exercises. He did yoga and Zen meditations. He even tried Roman and Greek exercises. He recorded his results and finally combined the western and eastern fitness concepts to discover Pilates.

What is clinical pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a modified version incorporating individualised, psychotherapy-adjusted sessions. A regular class has a Pilates instructor. Whilst clinical Pilates is prescribed and supervised by a physiotherapist.

Before commencing pilates sessions, an individual will undergo a physical examination. This is essential to tailor fit each exercise to the needs of a specific individual. This is why people look for a musculoskeletal physiotherapist Moonee Ponds residents promote.  People want to achieve results with specialised programs that fit their issues.

With proper supervision and regular sessions, clinical pilates offers many health benefits such as improved wellbeing. However, a person needs assistance to perform this exercise. Without supervision, a person can easily neglect other essential parts of the body. Are you enticed to try Pilates? Here are its benefits:

clinical Pilates

Benefits of pilates

Everyone can perform Pilates. It targets a wide range of problems from joints to muscles, even nerves. Believe it or not, psychologists recommend this activity to help combat the symptoms of psychological disorders. With exercise, the chemical composition of the body is balanced. Hence, it improves the mood of everyone.

Clinical Pilates provides exercise that targets and improves core muscles. This program is essential for athletes. This is why they look for sports physio Moonee Ponds professionals endorse. With the assistance of experts, athletes can strengthen their core and increase their agility and flexibility. This helps them perform to their fullest during competitions.

Another benefit of Pilates is posture improvement brought by developing muscle control and balance. It addresses the weak points in your back and strengthens its muscles to offer better support for the body.

Furthermore, Pilates helps people recover from injuries and surgeries. After these phenomena, bones and muscles can weaken. It needs therapy to retrain joints and muscles to regain their natural pattern of movement.

Last but not least, Pilates helps prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy and childbirth. It also helps the body regain its strength after the baby is born. Pregnancy has detrimental effects on a woman’s body. Which is why Pilates is essential in strengthening muscles, particularly on the pelvic floor. This way, their bodies will not be as stress during and after pregnancy.

Research has proven that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Clinical Pilates can help you live a well-balanced and healthy life. It will help you look good and feel good. If I were you I’d look for a physio near me that offers guidance for Pilates. For more information, visit